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Our Ambassadors 2023

Ambassadors 2023 Open! Women.jpg

New proposals for our IFM Ambassadors  :

•One page to show your favorite places, your favorite dessert, or your most recent activity, your image, and your story in any magazine of 2022.

•Relevant news of your locality with your image or photos.

•A free magazine, large format model with QR code.

•Promotions and various contests of 2022 with a 50% discount on registration.

•Poster Printing as IFM Ambassador 2022

•Permanent page showing your image as an ambassador in all the magazines of 2022.

•Participation with economic benefits and commissions as an associate member in IFM.

Become our Ambassador for each elaborated Magazine, you will be our presenter for such wonderful news, and your image on our website, you will be the special representative of our events, special editions, awards, and many other extraordinary events, as an International Face Ambassador, you will be in all countries Where our editions arrive, 5 continents and hundreds of customers every day!

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