Product information "Fur Coat Pink CRYSTAL PINK"

A warm and cozy pink winter coat you slip into softly and feel comfortable immediately. The whole coat is lined with fake fur and at the same time cut tightly to shape a breathtaking body silhouette. Closing the collar you can walk for hours in the snow storm or go shopping in pouring rain. Neither cold, snow, rain nor wind will penetrate the smooth outer PU skin, this fur coat will protect you wherever you are. The outer skin of the pink, gold and turquoise coat has a shiny metallic surface, the black coat more mate.

On both side there is a pocket almost invisibly integrated in the seam with the intention not to disturb the perfect silhouette.

No matter what color you choose, heads will turn around and star at you, at mouths will stay wide open. This is no stealth coat. Arcanum has tested this coat under the hardest conditions in rain, wind, snow and cold in winter time.

CRYSTAL is a real WINTER COAT, which protects you from any weather and at the same time attracts attention by design, color, cut and fabric.


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