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Participating as an International Face investor opens new paths in new opportunities and diversification of your portfolio of profitable investments and with future projection. International Face magazine has been in constant growth during these last 10 years and it is time for you to be a member of an elite of associates with very special benefits, you will be part of a club of investors with high rates of return. Members like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Richard Branson and red carpet personalities like Brad Pitt, Emma Watson, Julia Roberts and other great and successful entrepreneurs are taking part in the socialite International Face magazine!


 With the opening of our launch in this new year 2021, the promotional amount of total investment has been established for the same value in 2021,00 $US dollars and among the benefits as IFM shareholders-investors you will be able to access multiple values ​​of private companies such as Tesla, Oscar Awards, Amazon, profitability on your investment, integration of your actions in companies related to energy developments, immediate future space flights, integration of technology companies and many new alternatives according to new companies join our shareholding.

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