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Fashion experts consider Gabriela Giotto as a talented Slovak fashion designer determined to innovation and modern global trends. How is your work in Slovakia, what brings some joy and which problems you face?
I love my work very much no matter where I am based. It gives a greater meaning to my life, definitely. On the other hand, it is not an easy mission to be a fashion designer in Slovakia. A very small market, a weak consumer purchasing power and a discount-driven mind set of people developed pretty tough business conditions. However, thanks to social networks, I have connected to clients worldwide. Consequently, I balanced disadvantages of a local market with opportunities of a global one.

To create perfect designer clothes, there must be not only a desirable creative approach, but also a meticulous work – which materials do you use and how?
That’s a very complex process. I purchase white textiles from bespoke merchants in Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia. It is literally a synergy of a creative concept, graphical design, good quality materials and the most importantly technologies as I do custom-made fabrics. It had taken some time for the team to transform the accurate colours and patterns from my paintings to the fabric which I could work with. It all paid off very well and advanced me to a more exclusive clients.

Gabriela Giotto

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