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What is 20G20? 

Now our Elite Magazine offers you the opportunity to reach the product you want and for the value of just a fraction, thanks to our alliance with Magnates Ibiza, millionaire club and personalities with high purchasing value who contribute to our raffle proposal between a Small group of people, the raffle will give you the opportunity to acquire the product of your dreams and so desired. You will have a very high probability of winning among only 20 people, who wish to be part of the grand prize, there are hundreds of opportunities, hundreds of products to get around, you can also send us the photo of the product you love so much and we will offer it in an exclusive raffle.


Our first Raffles



Montblanc Starwalker Extreme Resin


Capture Youth Glow Booster Dior


Chanel -Coco Chanel bag


Louis Vuitton Bag


MoneyBag 5000 $


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