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Mrs/Miss International Face magazine UK
IFM & Desziree Richardson-Face of Woha Event from United Kingdom

Welcome to Mrs/Miss International Face magazine, bringing together efforts and experiences between our organization, Editorial & Agency to promote interesting, successful, and proactive people from anywhere in the world, show the positive energy of each woman and reward her, and our distinguished Desziree Richardson from London and her prestigious organization, FACE of WOHA, awards and now a new Title is added from our Editorial platform: Mrs/Miss International Face magazine, we wish to offer an additional tool to each woman to strengthen and share her integral beauty, empowerment and achievements.

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You want to participate in the Great Event with WOHA, compete and be a member of International Face magazine, become Mrs/Miss International Face UK, and enjoy multiple benefits and prizes:

You will be the image on the cover of the Special Edition
The Winner will have outstanding participation in the Edition.
All registered participants will be in the magazine.
Your Image will be promoted around the world.
Interested companies for campaigns and marketing.
Canvas, Poster, and additional prizes.

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Miss IFM Malaysia
was all a success!

Now Miss IFM UK   very soon!