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Access our Gallery and acquire your Cover as a Puzzle, Poster, or beautiful works of Art valued by IFM editorial


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Ambassadors 2022
Ambassadors 2022

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We are a company that promotes human ties, potential future business from individuals and companies anywhere in the world.

An idea made real in our magazine, focused to show the world who you are, how wonderful, unique and special way to show your originality, your inner beauty and your external purity.

Somos una compañía que fomenta lazos humanos, potenciales negocios a futuro entre personas y empresas en cualquier parte del mundo.

Una idea hecha realidad en nuestra revista, enfocados a mostrar al mundo quién eres, lo maravillosa, única y especial manera de mostrar tu originalidad, tu belleza interior y tu pureza externa.

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what we want

Our work idea is through the magazine of varieties and in particular focus, the interviews of people and their passions, their lifestyles, their dreams, desires and plans of life, common people but that in front of our graphic eye we consider being successful and can leave a positive message to our thousands of clients.
Day by day we are improving the structure and content of our editions, people are taking us to show what they really want to see and motivates them in life. It is a different magazine, we show brands of products, this is true! but the benefits that contribute us to help support new business ideas, to contribute with people with fewer resources than you.
Our idea is to support, to promote, to give importance to the people who deserve to be promoted by their effort, their talents, and wonderful creations.

For International Face, it is a beautiful miracle that every day we can find a wonderful person somewhere in the world and give us the opportunity to exhibit their existence.

                                                                                                                                 In God We Trust

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We have a new proposal for you!

We want to show a part of your humanity, to leave your mark on our pages, and create a beautiful magazine with your lives and experiences.


You can get the edition from our web section!

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Become our Ambassador for each elaborated Magazine, you will be our presenter for much wonderful news, your image on our website, you will be the special representative of our events, special editions, awards, and many other extraordinary events, as an International Face Ambassador, you will be in all countries Where our editions arrive, 5 continents and hundreds of customers every day!

Every week new personalities, new guests to show their success and their lifestyles!

Register a single payment and ....

... you can be a member of International Face magazine.
... you can appear on a page of our magazine.
... you can be in all editions for a month.
... if you have a business, your corporate logo on our website.
... your images on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, web page.
... you can show your videos, your creative ideas, theme on our pages.
... you can be our writer and blogger.
... to work with us as associate editor of your city or country.

for new alternatives & Full magazines go to 
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Enjoy being our Cover and